August 2023

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Each year we bring together the fun of bowling and the reward of fundraising to help eliminate the overwhelming population of homeless dogs. Sunday, October 8,2023 Corbin Bowl 19616 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA  91356 (Plenty of free parking) Adults $30 per person Kids 8-12 $10 per person Kids under 8 bowl Free Buy a lane [...]

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December 2022

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In early January 2022 our handsome Rottweiler, Bodhi, was adopted by a very savvy Rottweiler family.   We knew that they knew what they were doing and Bodhi was going to get the training he needed And it seemed like Rotties were going to be the theme for 2022 with many more during the year BUT [...]

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July 2022

The Perks of Running a Pet-Friendly Business

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At 70%, the number of U.S. households that include pets as part of the family is at an all-time high. When you’re a business owner looking to attract talented employees and increase your customer base, tapping this massive pet-loving demographic can give you the edge over your competitors. Presented is why it’s beneficial to welcome [...]

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June 2022


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Bowling for Collars is back! New Venue but the fun continues!      Please join us this year at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana.  SAME PRICE as 2019.   No inflation for friends of Dawg Squad. Check it out.   Tickets go on sale 7/5/22.   But save the date now.   You know from experience this event sells out fast.    See [...]

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October 2021


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Toru Who Am I? This little tank was rescued from a "breeder" along with 3 other pups. We don't like to take animals from breeders BUT she was just going to dump them in the desert/shelter if we didn't, so we did. Toru had never been handled before he came to [...]

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September 2021

Dawg Squad is all about a Fresh Start

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You all know that we try to help the neediest dogs in the shelters and take the owner relinquished dogs that no one wants. You can help us ONE MORE TIME without spending any money! Just go to the link below and vote for Dawg Squad.   Easy as pie! Help OUR Underdogs Become Wunderdogs [...]

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March 2021


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Hunter Who Am I? Giddyup! This guy is the size of a small pony. Hunter has long legs, a long tail, and a droopy, goofy smile. He is everything you would want in a big hunk of a dog. Hunter greets you with a huge silly grin and his tail just [...]

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Tahoe Who Am I? Tahoe wants to run, he wants to hike, he wants to go go go AND he loves the water. This puppy is tailor-made for an active person/family. Yes, he can settle down nicely and chew a bone while you are working but once you are ready, he [...]

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November 2020

How to Help Your Senior Dog Enjoy Life to the Fullest

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Are you the proud owner of a senior pup? Older dogs tend to be wiser and more settled than their younger counterparts, giving their owners love and companionship without some of the training concerns that go along with puppyhood. Keeping an older dog comfortable, healthy, and happy can be a bit challenging, but thankfully, there [...]

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