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Please Note:  Visual breed identification in dogs is unreliable so for most of the dogs we are only guessing a predominant breed or breed mix. We get to know each dog as an individual and will do our best to describe each of our dogs based on personality, not by breed label.
















Easy Adoption Steps

The first step in our adoption procedure is to fill out the Dawg Squad Adoption Application. The reason for our application is twofold. First of all, there are many types of dogs, personalities and subsequent temperaments. As a service to our dogs and potential adopters, the application helps us ascertain which dog and home would be most compatible. Secondly, introduction into a new home can be a traumatic event for many dogs and if not done properly may present challenges for the dog to adapt to your home. Obviously the last thing we want is the dog to harm other members of your family or chew up your place. We want to make sure it has a very good chance of becoming a permanent, happy member in your family. Therefore, it is important to identify potential issues and address them before they arise. Our adoption application is the best tool we have to make these assessments and assure the dog you adopt is ideal for your home and family.
Once we have reviewed your completed application, we will contact you to arrange an opportunity for you to meet the dog you are considering. At that time, we will confirm the date and location for an introduction.

If you already have a dog(s), this may be a good opportunity for the dogs to meet. If everything goes well, we will arrange for a house check.

The next step in the adoption process is the house check. The reason for this step is a preventative measure. Occasionally, we identify minor issues (or even potential hazards) that could cause harm to your new pet. Typically, these issues can be resolved immediately but is a precaution intended to help you avoid any heartbreaking accidents.

Upon successful completion of the house check, the dog in question is ready to join your family. At this time, adopters complete our Adoption Contract and pay the adoption donation.

The minimum adoption donation for all dogs is $350.00.

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