Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard barely made it out alive.

They were “rescued” 5 years ago by a local rescue and then pretty much forgotten until a little over a year ago Los Angeles County Deputies found an RV parked at Zuma Beach and discovered it had several outstanding parking tickets, meeting the threshold to be towed. After smelling a foul odor coming from inside, deputies entered the motor home and found eight caged dogs, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

Five of the dogs were barely alive and 3 were dead.    Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard were among the survivors and they were taken to a local veterinarian for medical care and the transferred to a County shelter to be held as “evidence” dogs.


The shelter volunteers loved them.   And Los Angeles rescues worked like crazy to get the “rescuer” held accountable.    And the reason we can tell this story now is because every single one of those dogs has been taken in by local rescues, including Dawg Squad.   AND the rescuer is going to jail.

Professor Plum is 7 years old and is an Alaskan Klee Kai mix.    He’s very shy, very timid, but warms up quickly once he knows he is safe and is with someone who will treat him with kindness.

Colonel Mustard is a terrier mix and he’s more outgoing than his buddy Professor.    He will still need his adopter to take it nice and slow.

These two dogs have been through a lot.   And they are not asking for much.    Just a couple meals a day, a couple walks a day and a nice soft bed.

We are still evaluating how they are with other dogs but we will know soon.   Again, we are taking everything nice and slow.