LOS ANGELES – It is that time of year again – time to make our New Year’s Resolutions. For some, this can be a bittersweet crossroads as the excitement of new possibilities is met by memories of abandoned resolutions in years past. Here at the Squad, however, our furry friends have taught us one invaluable lesson and that is to live in the present! So forget history and start 2009 with something new and fun – Make a resolution for you and your dog! It doesn’t matter if this is big or small. You can either start a new dog class or simply try your pet with some new dog treats. Maybe your dog has never used CBD products before, such as Glow CBD for dogs, give that a go! It might change your dogs life for the better, who knows!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Take a class – You might be considering an art class, or perhaps brushing up on that High School French? It’s good for your dog to learn new things as well. Maybe you adopted a new pet, but have been putting off obedience class, or perhaps you’d like your son or daughter to take on more responsibility with animal care. Training is always beneficial, for both dog and owner, and yes, you can teach old dog new tricks.

Email us if you need recommendations on classes or trainers.

  • Exercise This is probably the number one New Year’s Resolution. But face it; both you and your dog need it. Set your alarm clock a half hour early and take your dog for a gentle stroll before work – it will give you more energy to face your day, and it will wear your dog out a bit before you leave him or her alone all day. Tiring your dog out before leaving them is often crucial, especially if they’re left inside. Dogs that live outside have more chance to tire themselves out and to do their business, so they don’t always need walking first thing in the morning. If the dog does live outside, some owners might want to consider contacting a company that offers a dog poop service. They can pick up the dog’s mess in the backyard, ensuring that owners don’t have to do it when they return from work. For dogs that live inside, a walk is always good though. Southern California has many dog friendly hiking trails, dog parks, and even beaches, and winter is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy our beautiful weather. And after all the walking and running, make sure your dog has a comfortable space to catch up with its sleep. Clean their bed once a week, and if it is worn out, get a new one. If you own an older dog, a comfortable sleeping space can do good for his/her health. So, look for the best bed for older dogs that can keep your old buddy smiling and wagging after a good sleep.
  • Get a check up – Even if your pet seems healthy, there could be something happening medically that you don’t see. Just like people, dogs (and cats) need routine vaccinations, dental exams, and regular check-ups. Catching something early will make treatment easier and less expensive (even less expensive if you have pet insurance cover from someone like embrace pet insurance), and will greatly improve your pet’s well being and help them live longer. And while you’re at it – make yourself a dentist appointment as well.

Happy New Year from everyone in the Squad – and good luck sticking to those resolutions!