My name is Pete and I am from Thailand.   I arrived in the United States 7/28/17 and my life has changed forever!

I was a street dog in Thailand and I got swept up by bad guys who were taking me across the border to be a victim of the illegal dog meat trade.   Lucky for me and a bunch of other dogs, that truck got “sidetracked” and we were saved and taken to a sanctuary in Phuket.

This is my friend at the Sanctuary in Thailand

Well to make a long story short, I got a bath, some training and a complete vet workup.   I have an old break on my right elbow so I limp a bit but it doesn’t slow me down   Other than that I’m healthy.

And here’s where it gets fun!    The Sanctuary contacted Dawg Squad and asked if they would like to be a rescue partner with them and take a dog in from Thailand who was rescued from the illegal dog meat trade.   (Their sanctuary was getting pretty full)     So of course they said yes.

The Sanctuary sent them a bunch of pictures of dogs that could be adopted to the United States and THEY PICKED ME!   And I’m so happy.

This is my foster Mom. She’s strict but cool

This is one of my new friends. She thinks I’m cute.


This is me on the back porch just catching some rays and chewing on a bone


So I’m learning all about Southern California.   It’s WAAAAAY different than living in the country in Thailand.    Lots more noise here and a lot more rules in this foster house but I’m catching on.   Today I learned that no matter how sad you look, Foster Mom is not going to give you a bite of her sandwich.


So come and meet me – I’m almost ready to make my public debut.   In the meantime, you can catch pictures of me at