Professor Plum

Border Collie Mix

  • 8 years

  • Male

  • Altered

  • 28 pounds

  • Medium Length

  • Up to Date on Shots

The Professor had a really bad start in life.   You can read all about it here.

But here, we are going to tell you how great this little dog is!    He is gentle and quiet and trying so hard to adapt to life in a foster home.   We don’t think he’s ever been in a home before because the transition from wood flooring to tile just sends him quivering.    But he is trying!    Once he passes the flooring hurdle he runs outside to the back yard to play with some of the other foster dogs.    He really wants to fit in.

The Professor is learning how to play with toys and just relax.     He’s been in foster for two weeks and the strides he has made are HUGE!

  • The Professor is fascinated by television.   Right now he is into This is Us on Netflix and Ciao House.    He does tend to doze off during game shows, but who doesn’t?

  • He’s crate trained and housebroken.    He’s not quite sure about sitting on the couch with Foster Mom but it looks like that might be his next break through!   (We hope)

Professor Plum has gained over 15 pounds since he was seized from his previous situation.   And this boy loves his food!   His favorite part of the day is dinner because he gets some special wet food in his kibble and the TV gets turned on.    His personality is really coming through and he is going to be an absolute delight once he knows he is truly, absolutely safe!

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