LOS ANGELES – The holidays are coming! Tis the season for festive parties and sharing time with friends and family. And, if you’re anything like us at the Squad, your furry friends will be part of the merriment. Now is a good time to remind us of some safety issues during the holiday. We as humans constantly experience new health and safety rules and protocols. We can also read health and safety warning signs – deep water signs, moving vehicle signs, a hse poster… the list goes on. A pet, however, can’t do this. So it is crucial as a pet owner to take extra care in terms of safety for your pet. If you’re looking for decorations for this year’s festivities, the shops are at the ready awaiting your visit. If you find yourself browsing the aisles of Target for trees, ornaments, and more, you could first check for coupons and promo codes here – https://www.raise.com/coupons/target. As long as you follow these safety tips and keep them in mind while at the shops, you should have an incident-free holiday and, with the use of discounts, you’ll have more money left over for everyone’s gifts. I know, I know — we’re always on the “safety” bandwagon. But we wouldn’t be doing you any favors by not providing these simple reminders:

  • Tinsel, ribbons, ornaments and garland are beautiful on your tree or centerpiece — but if swallowed, can choke your dog or damage his intestines. Place these decorations above your dog’s reach or better yet, find a safe alternative. Bernie would recommend edible dog cookies but that could be tempting fate! If your dog usually sleeps where the Christmas decorations are, it may be worth looking into a kennel that they can sleep in instead. With the homely and large dog kennels now available, your dog can be kept away from the temptation of tinsel while living comfortably, with plenty of space to move around for the more active dogs.
  • Poinsettias, holly and mistletoe add that special holiday touch to any arrangement. Unfortunately, they are toxic for your dog. Make sure they are high up and out of reach. If your pet eats any part of the plant he could experience vomiting, diarrhea or worse!
  • Christmas lights are a decorator’s staple for any tree. However, some dogs acquire an unexplained taste for these beautiful orbs. Avoid locations where your dog can reach them as they could electrocute themselves.

Now enough of the dire warnings and onto the fun. There are a few fun pet-friendly holidays activities you can enjoy — and they just happen to be free:

  • Griffith Park Light Festival – Bundle up and take a walk with your dogs for a close-up view of the light display. It is “pedestrian only” now through December 7th. The walk is approximately 1 mile. Park at the zoo.
  • Dog Park Party – Pack a holiday lunch and meet your friends at the nearest dog park or dog friendly beach. Bundle up if the weather is cold, sip hot cocoa, share holiday cookies and watch your dogs play!

If you know of any holiday dog activities in your area email us at dawgsquad@rocketmail.com and we’ll spread the word!

Happy Holidays,
The Dawg Squad