• 2 years

  • Male

  • Altered

  • 90 Pounds

  • Short hair

  • Up to Date on Shots

This handsome boy’s person asked her sister to watch him when she moved to Texas. She said she’d be back in a few weeks…..which turned into months…..which brings us to today.

Sister and brother in law are not prepared to have a male Rottweiler. This wasn’t fair to them but they are doing their best. Dawg Squad is hoping to find Steeler a new home.

He’s well built…stocky, not fat….and very strong. Therefore no small children. Steeler will need leash work for sure but he does know a few basic commands.

  • AND LOOK AT THAT FACE! He’s so willing to please.

  • Steeler is crate trained and is very happy to settle with a treat in his kennel

Steeler does live with another dog and they have made peace with each other but we would recommend an only dog home OR a home with a very mellow same size female.

Steeler is a great dog! Let’s make him yours!   He will “steal” your heart.

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