• 14 months

  • Male

  • Altered

  • 50 pounds

  • Short

  • Up to Date on Shots

Busch’s people are moving and they need him to be rehomed.   This is something they do not want to do and we promised them he would get a great new home!

He is very loving.   Busch loves to go on walks and loves the park.

He is good with small dogs and loves kids and babies

  • Busch loves head scratches.    He thinks they are the best!

  • Busch is a bit of an attention hog – not standoffish like some Sharpeis.

We are posting Busch as a courtesy to his people since we are very good friends with their nephew.    Please help us keep our promise and get Busch into his next best home!    Would do great with a small, female or dog or by himself.

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