Who Am I?

Raya (which means “friend” in Hebrew) is a love bug! She spent the first 10 months of her life in someone’s backyard where she was fed, but was not given any attention. When her person decided that he had to surrender her to the pound, one of our adopters stepped in to take her in.

She  has proven to be good with kids, other dogs and really just a happy girl all around! She rarely barks (only at the occasional coyote or brave cat that gets close to the yard), and has never shown any aggression toward people or other dogs. She has been very receptive to training  and now sits, stays, and will wait while we count to three before she goes to her food! She has never had an accident in the house.

She LOVES to play. If you have an older or less tolerant dog, Raya might not be a good match because she is relentless in her pursuit of a playmate. She is excellent at playing fetch and will usually drop the ball at your feet when told to “drop it”. On walks, she is still learning to not pull on you at the start, but after a few minutes in she settles down nicely and is great on the leash.

The best part of Raya……she still has her tail!

More About Raya

  • Breed: Rottweiler
  • Purebred: Yes

  • Sex: Female

  • Altered: Spayed

  • Color: Black and tan

  • Weight: 70 pounds

  • Age: 18 months

  • Behavior: Very sweet
  • Good with children: No toddlers

  • Good with dogs: Yes
  • Good with cats: No

  • Special Needs: No

  • Additional Information: Up-to-date on shots
  • Status: Available

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