Beat the Heat With a Summer Safety Tips For Your Pet

LOS Angeles – Here at the Dawg Squad we love summer. Plenty of fun activities and Long days full of sunshine and sizzling heat. But just because the kids are on school vacation doesn’t mean safety takes a break. Pets need a little extra care at this time of year. Here are a few tips to keep summer fun and pain free:

  • July 4th is only days away and so are the fireworks. Shelters experience a spike in strays following July 4th celebrations. Make sure your pet is secure and away from open doors and windows when the fireworks kick off!
  • Leave an extra water bowl for your pet just in case the temperature takes a sudden spike. They’ll need the extra hydration.
  • Always provide a cool place out of the sun for pets to relax.
  • Kids and pets should both wear life jackets when swimming. I know we tend to think all dogs can swim but that isn’t necessarily the case. Life jackets keep them safe and look cute too!
  • Pavement can be painfully hot at this time of year and your pet can burn his feet. Choose a path in the shade or walk early or later in the day when the heat of the sun is at its mildest.
  • Bugs thrive in hot moist weather. Check pets (and kids) for any small stowaways.
  • And never leave your dog unattended in the car. It doesn’t take long for temperatures to rise to dangerous levels.

We hope these tips help you enjoy a safe, pain free summer. Just a few minutes forethought will keep your summer fun. Thanks for supporting the Dawg Squad and see you next month!

Enjoy the heat!

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